Why am I an experience designer?

Exploring the possibilities of experience design is like entering a virgin land where we do not really know anything about how things should be done, what people truly want, where there are no models, no trustable feedback from projects already done that could help measure any attempt, but in this approximate identity I found my practice.

An appealing feature of working as an experience designer is the imaginative rethinking of the relationship between fields of practice. Calling yourself an experience designer is like putting yourself in between “the way things are done”, where disciplines develop in parallel, through a collaborative process, involving seemingly opposite perspectives. It is more about keeping a focus on aspects of human experience rather than design innovation. In this position, most of the aspects you deal with are intangible. That doesn’t mean that materiality is not necessary anymore, but rather that form has a different role; it is not a stand-alone artifact fulfilling a certain function (a chair, a building). The experience designer mainly uses the material as a facilitator for experience.

In this context, my practice investigates gaming as the material for experience design. In doing so, i seek to develop a new knowledge base for how games can be used to better our lives. 

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